Getting Started

What is SportBLX?

SportBLX is a platform that allows for the democratized ownership of unique sports assets. SportBLX enables enthusiasts to use their knowledge to passionately engage and invest in the athletes and sports teams they love.

SportBLX has access to world-class athletes, teams, and racehorses. This access gives investors the opportunity to participate in the value creation that comes with success in sports.

How does SportBLX compare to other online alternative asset trading platforms?

SportBLX is the only platform where you can purchase shares of unique assets in sports in a regulated manner. These shares may represent an equity interest in a professional sports team or a thoroughbred racehorse. At the individual athlete level, the shares can represent the future earnings of an athlete for a defined period.

How is SportBLX regulated?

All securities are sold through North Capital Private Securities Corporation (NCPS). NCPS is a registered broker dealer and member FINRA and SIPC. Details of the regulatory frameworks and exemptions that apply to each security issued are provided within the associated offering documents.

What am I investing in?

For athletes, you are investing in their future on-field, on-court, on-course, or on-ice earnings for a defined period OR fixed contributions from the athlete for a defined period. For sports teams and racehorses, your investment is an equity ownership.

Mechanically, for horses you are investing in a corporation that has direct ownership of a horse or horses.

This entitles the corporation to the agreed upon percentage of all earnings from races, stud fees, and other revenue streams. For example, at the end of a racehorse’s earnings life or if the horse is sold, the corporation will be liquidated, and shareholders at that time will receive a final dividend.

Why does an athlete want to sell some of their future earnings?

Funding Source: The athlete, or racehorse owner or team owner, will receive funds from share sales up-front, rather than over the course of their contract.

Value Creation: The athlete will have an additional channel to engage and interact with fans. This may lead to additional corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Capital Reinvestment: The athlete can then use funds however he or she wishes. The athlete may reinvest a portion, or all, of the capital received. Examples of reinvestment include buying real estate or other assets or creating a philanthropic organization.

How do I sign up for SportBLX?

You can create a SportBLX account by simply signing up with your email address. Once you are ready to invest, we will ask you to confirm your identity and, to the extent relevant, accreditation.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest?

The short answer is no. For most offerings, they will be made in compliance with exemptions from registration with the SEC that are not limited to accredited investors, and, thus, the general public is able to purchase such offerings. If you invest via WeFunder you do not need to be accredited.

In some cases, we structure smaller offerings as private placements. For these private placement offerings, prospective purchasers are required to be accredited investors.

A person in the U.S. is an accredited investor if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • $200k in income for each of the past 2 years (or $300k with a spouse), with the expectation of similar earnings this year; or
  • $1m in net assets (assets minus debts), excluding the primary residence.
  • Provide an official written communication from a licensed CPA, attorney, investment advisor or registered broker-dealer, stating that the professional service provider has a reasonable belief that you are an Accredited Investor.
  • Entities may be accredited on other bases.

How do I fund my account?

You can simply connect your bank account (checking or savings) and transfer funds as needed for your investments.

How do I verify my identity?

You’ll be prompted to enter a few personal details, and if needed, we will ask you to upload a photo of your US passport ID or a government issued ID. We use our broker dealer, North Capital, to verify all investors.

How long does it take to be verified?

Our team is working quickly to have you verified as soon as possible, which can be instantaneous or within 24 hours.

How are the assets selected?

SportBLX has a strong internal team and a large network of sports agents and investors who help SportBLX engage top global talent.


How do I cancel an order?

For pending transactions or transaction in escrow, call +1 (212) 829-2888.

What are the ACH restrictions?

ACH transfers are free unless rejected. Bank Transfers (ACH) typically clear in 4-5 business days. This is the time it takes for your bank to confirm the funds are available to transfer. Although your bank balance may show your funds have left sooner, it typically takes at least 4-5 business days for a bank to communicate this to SportBLX.

What happens if my ACH transfer gets rejected?

ACH transfers are typically rejected if there are insufficient funds in your account. You will not be refunded any fees in this case.

How do I decide what assets to buy?

SportBLX aspires to have many globally-recognized athletes, teams, and thoroughbred horses on the platform. You can choose to invest in either one or multiple assets and can decide on what investment(s) are best suited for you by conducting your research.

What if I do not see my bank listed on Plaid?

If you do not see your bank listed on Plaid then you may contact us to see if we can add it to the list. You may also purchase shares by check or wire.

Account Management

What accreditation documents are required?

You can upload any of the below documents to complete your investor accreditation.

  • Income verification: W2's, 1099's or tax returns for the past two years
  • Assets: provide recent account statements or third-party appraisals that show the value of your assets exceeds $1,000,000 excluding your primary residence
  • Professional Letter: provide an official written communication from a licensed CPA, attorney, investment advisor or registered broker-dealer, stating that the professional service provider has a reasonable belief that you are an Accredited Investor.

What if I forget my password?

Please click the “Password Reset” button and you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I close my account?

To close your account please call +1 (212) 829-2888.


Why do I need to provide my SSN?

Regulation require Broker-Dealers to collect your SSN for identity verification.

What information is needed to place an order

Completion of identity verification processes, investor accreditation status checks and the connection of a personal bank account (checking or savings) to fund the purchase of shares.

Why does SportBLX need my address?

Rules and regulation require all brokerages, including SportBLX, to collect your address for identity verification. Read more here.

Privacy & Security

How is my personal information handled?

All of your data is encrypted & secured. SportBLX does not sell your personally identifiable information. You can view our Privacy Policy at https://sportblx.com/privacy.


How will my tax forms be provided to me?

If SportBLX is required to send you an IRS Form 1099 Composite and/or Form 1099 Year-End, you will receive an email from SportBLX with a link to access your form. A hard copy will be sent to the postal address associated with your account.


What is Wefunder?

Wefunder is a crowdfunding platform that SportBLX is working with on certain offerings to make them available to non-accredited investors.

Why does my password for Wefunder account not work on the SportBLX platform?

Currently, there is no direct integration between the Wefunder and SportBLX platforms. You must create a new and separate account on the SportBLX platform.