Invest in shares representing (i) the future earnings of professional athletes or (ii) equity ownership in sports teams.

A New Type
of Security.

A New Type
of Exchange.

Step 1

The athlete agrees to sell a certain percentage of his or her on-field/court earnings over a certain period of time. In the case of a team, an owner agrees to sell a percentage of equity.

Step 2

SportBLX creates fractional interests in (i) the athlete's earnings or (ii) the team’s equity.

Step 3

The shares are then listed and sold on the SportBLX platform so that investors like you can invest.

Step 4

Subject to available liquidity, shares can be bought and sold on the SportBLX platform as investors change their views and rebalance their portfolios.

Finally, an alternative asset investment platform for sports fans. SportBLX provides access to a new type of security for the marketplace.

Now, experts and enthusiasts can put their knowledge to work and create new value for themselves in a new and exciting investment class.

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A New Way
to Play

SportBLX is an investment platform that allows fans and investors all over the world to own shares of unique assets in sports.

Created for sports fans and investors alike. SportBLX allows you to invest in the future performance of your favorite players and teams.

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Research and Invest

Locate an athlete, team or racehorse. Review the offering structure, and do your research. Purchase shares of the offering. You’re in the game!

All securities issued by SportBLX are registered under U.S. securities laws or are exempt from registration under prevailing private placement regulations. Details of the regulatory frameworks and exemptions are provided within the associated offering documents.

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Grow your Portfolio

Come back to the site frequently to manage your portfolio, check new offerings, and view new content.

Build and diversify your holdings with a variety of different sports.

SportBLX can be your destination for new content for your favorite athletes and teams.

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Anytime, Anywhere

SportBLX is accessible via your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone—giving you the flexibility to browse, and invest anytime and anywhere.

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Why SportBLX?

We are

We’re an alternative asset investment platform created for sports fans, by sports fans.

Experienced analysts, technologists and enthusiasts are hard at work every day, not only to bring their passion to life, but to create a new way for all sports fans to connect with their favorite sports.


SportBLX partners and staff are professional investors with extensive experience creating and managing emerging asset classes.


We have connections to some of the best athletes, teams and racehorses all over the world.

Our goal is to deliver a robust marketplace for all fan tastes and investment strategies.

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Investments on SportBLX can be illiquid and loss of invested capital is possible. Please review risk factors for private placements here.